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First Presbyterian Church of Goshen Community Outreach Dinner

  Three Cheers! to Cathy Turner and Rebekah Rochelle, co-chairs of the committee which organizes the BPW  hosting of the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen Community Outreach Dinner. For the past five (or more) years, the leaders of the First Presbyterian Church of Goshen Community Outreach Group have asked the Business & Professional Women of Goshen to help the community by serving a “community dinner.” Each year the church provides the hall/ kitchen complete with tables, table cloths, table settings and support equipment, while the BPW provides the food and workers to feed anyone who would like to come in and enjoy a meal. In past years, the menu has consisted of a light summer meal, with items on the buffet style tables that included, 6’ Italian Hero Subs, homemade cold salads of all kinds (potato and macaroni), baked beans, sides of fresh fruit salad (watermelon, strawberries, melon and grapes) and desserts made up of homemade cookies and cakes. Drinks were Iced Tea w/ Lemon and Pomegranate & Green Iced Tea. Alas, not everything goes as planned…. Two days before the event one year, Cathy received the phone call every hostess dreads. “Sorry, but we can’t complete your order, our ovens are down.” (side note: It’s not every oven that can make a 6’sub.) Luckily, Cathy was able to turn it around with a little modification to the menu. The meal was saved. Cathy made some quick decisions and got it back on track. 6’ Italian Hero Subs turned into cold meat (ham, turkey, and roast beef) and cheese trays (American, Provalone, and Swiss). Two kinds of hard rolls and plates of fix-ins (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and such) were added to round out the buffet line. By Saturday, Cathy was able to venture off to a family function knowing she left the remainder of the job in the capable hands of her co-chair, Rebekah. Many thanks go out to the ladies who prepared food at home and those who came to help with serving and clean-up. The people who came enjoyed the meal, and we were happy to do it. 

BPW Supports Literacy

 Congratulations to Cathy Turner, who brought forward a terrific proposal to have BPW of Goshen help our community in it’s fight for literacy. Her idea was to have the club purchase books which would be distributed to children at both campuses of the Orange Regional Medical Center. Children, ranging in ages from birth to 14 years old, would be given a new book as they are being discharged from the hospital, which they could then read while recovering at home.  The club enthusiastically awarded Cathy $500.00 seed money for the purchase of new books, with the intention of seeing how this project would be implemented. During the last few months Cathy has reported that she was able to purchase books, at a discount, covering a wide variety of subjects, in English and Spanish. She was even able to enlist the aid of her daughter, who helped Cathy place labels in each book to let recipients know it was donated by BPW of Goshen, NY. Recently, Cathy made contact with Debbie Linken, Director-Volunteer Resource Department, at the Horton campus, who gratefully received the books and began distributing them to both campuses. In turn, the books will be distributed to the youngest members of our community. Cathy will be monitoring the hospital supplies and replenishing books for them as needed. So far, it's been a huge success. 
In addition, donations from persons outside our club have made their way to Cathy, and BPW wishes to say “Thank you for your support."  Alison Fischer, a 1st grade teacher at Kerhonkson Elementary School donated 12 multicultural picture books. Thank you, Alison.  And, kudos to club member Ann Roche for getting in touch with Ellen Rubin. Ellen is the library media specialist at Wallkill Senior High School. Ann learned that Ellen had some books to donate and made arrangements to receive 245 soft cover and 27 hard cover elementary school age appropriate new books for this project.  Thank you, Ellen, and to all those people who have helped to launch and sustain this project. Thank you, Cathy and congratulations on a job well done.

business and Professional women's club of goshen, ny

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Goshen Food Pantry Project

    December 31, 2010 marked the close of the year long Goshen Lions Club project to help replenish the supplies of the Goshen Food Pantry. During these hard economic times the Food Pantry has seen a larger than expected request for help from our community. Many families are in greater need than ever before. The BPW of Goshen, NY has been pleased to join with the Goshen Lions Club in it's  year long effort. Thanks, Goshen Lions Club, for arranging such a great project. The ladies of BPW of Goshen were pleased to participate. Over 400 items collected and donated. Helping those in need in our own community helps us all.


  March - 27 jars of Peanut Butter 
  April - 22 jars of Jelly
  May - 31 Boxes/bags of Mac & Cheese,    Rice and Pasta 
  June - 10 Toilet Paper  16Toothpaste 1 Body Wash & 2 Tooth Brushes
  July - 50 packages of Healthy Snacks for Children
  August - 15 Meals in a can Stew  Chili  Ravioli
  September -  105 Soups, Oodles of Noodles & Ramen  Cup 'o Soup
  October - 50 Tomato Sauce
  November - 16 Canned Fruit
  December - 63 Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper & Manwich

Pictured above is left to right Rebekah Rochelle, Vice-President BPW;
Carol Cullen, President BPW; Susan Fast, Lion's Club of Goshen;
Haydee Saurez, BPW and Mauri Waldman, BPW.  March 16,2011
Photo courtesy of Tom Duggan Wings of Love Photography


     On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 7:45 a.m. during the regular monthly breakfast meeting of the Goshen Chamber of Commerece, several BPW members gathered together at the Rhinebeck Room of the Glen Arden Retirement Community located at 214 Harriman Drive in Goshen, NY to be presented with an award of appreciation from the Goshen Lion's Club. (Pictured Above).
     During the calendar year of 2010 the Goshen Lion's Club organized a project to help stock the Goshen Food Pantry. Local clubs and organizations were asked to donate to the Food Pantry on a monthly basis. The ladies of BPW responded to this request and donated over 400 items. Susan Fast, Goshen Lion's Club represenative for this project, congratulated each organization for their efforts and presented participents with a certificate of appreciation for a job well done. 
     The Ladies of BPW would like to say "Thank You" to the Goshen Lion's Club for organizing such a wonderful project.